Konference den 28. februar til 1. marts 2019:

The Lost Decade? Planning the Future 

“COP15 became a defining moment in international climate change history. Mostly in negative terms. The failure to agree on a replacement for the Kyoto protocol resulted in a prolonged impasse in international climate change negotiations. It took more than half a decade to reach a comprehensive international agreement at COP21 in Paris. In the meantime, the world followed a business-as-usual model. 10 years after COP15 it therefore seems increasingly unlikely that the increase in global temperature will stay below 2 degrees Celsius as agreed in the Copenhagen Accord. In Denmark, the failure of COP15 has been particularly traumatic, both in the political system and in public opinion. The perceived ineptness of the Danish government and administration in securing a positive outcome for COP15 generated widespread climate apathy and a more subdued approach to international climate change policy. Only recently has the political system re-engaged with the climate agenda reflecting a renewed public interest and concern with the consequences of global warming. Thus, it has taken almost 10 years for Danish climate change policy to step out of the shadow of COP15.

The purpose of this conference is to create the academic and societal setting for dialogue and exchange of experiences to invoke new ideas and to plan the future. The conference provides a forum for climate scholars from all academic disciplines to meet societal stakeholders and citizens and to share knowledge about current challenges, obstacles and new possibilities.

The conference presents a series of keynotes addressing the lost decade. The keynotes are followed by several panels discussing reasons and causes of the lost decade. Why and what went wrong? Turning to a more future oriented perspective, a series of panels address the question of how to plan the future. Focus is drawn to the main climate harming sectors”.


Inge Røpke, Professor, Aalborg University
Erik Lundsgaarde, Senior Researcher, DIIS
Frederik Lasserre, Analyst, CEVEA
Jarl Krausing, International Director, CONSITO

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